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Materials and Care

Our Materials 

We mainly use 18k and 24k gold plated stainless steel and gold plated sterling silver as metals and less often 18k gold-filled brass. However, the materials that constitute every product are listed in each description.

We create with natural gemstones and certificated freshwater pearls. We use cultured pearls, always sustainably.
Please note that materials such as gemstones and freshwater pearls may slightly vary in color and shape because they are natural materials and every single piece is unique.

Note: Most of our products are made by hand, in limited quantities, so each piece might have slight variances and that makes every product unique.

Every new piece and material is first checked and tested from us before we decide to include it in our collection, to make sure that it's quality meets our standards.

Jewelry Care 

Your jewelry should be the last thing you put on before going out and the first thing you take off when you come home.
To keep your jewelry looking like brand new, avoid contact with water, perfumes, cosmetics (such as oils, creams, and lotions), detergents and any other chemical because they'll be harmful to your jewelry.

  • Wait until your lotion or oil is has been completely absorbed by your skin before you wear your little treasures.
  • Prefer to wear your necklace/bracelet/earrings and rings after you have sprayed on your favorite perfume.
  • Remove your jewelry when showering, bathing or swimming in chlorinated or saltwater.
  • Take off your jewelry while working out, sleeping or doing anything else that makes you sweat. The acidity from sweat often interacts with the jewelry's metal causing stains and discoloration or color to fade.
    Every person's unique skin oils react differently to certain metals and plating/filling. We are not responsible for any skin's reaction to our products.

How to store your jewelry: 

  • After taking off your jewelry, clean them using a soft, dry cloth to wipe away any makeup, dust, and dirt. This will make them sparkling again.
    Remember to polish your jewelry with gentle moves. Over polishing may damage your jewelry.
  • Keep your jewelry in a cool and moisture-free place. Factors such as humidity, heat and direct sunlight can cause oxidation. We suggest you store every piece individually to avoid scratches, in our pouches that come along with every purchase.
    You can also store them inside our jewelry box. Our soft velour coated foam insert will keep your jewelry in place and well protected.

Following our tips and tricks will help you keep your jewelry looking shiny and beautiful for a long time. However, please note that all metals naturally oxidize over time and require maintenance. The way jewelry has been treated can significantly expedite or slow down the tarnishing process.
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