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About us

 First of all, let us introduce ourselves 👋🏻

 Sugarsand is a couple-run business, named Electra and Gerald. Gerald is a chef and Electra is graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design, and she always had an eye for unique-less commercial items when it comes to clothing and jewelry, which absolutely loves.
 Electra has really sensitive skin, so many times she faced irritations towards jewelry, so in 2018 she decided to start creating her own jewelry for herself in order to know what is exactly made of. She took courses in handmade jewelry and at the end of 2018 with the encouragement of her husband and friends, the idea of Sugarsand came to life. After a year of researching the jewelry industry and developing their business plan, Electra and Gerald start building step by step their website and workshop, while they were testing selected materials and suppliers.
 Sugarsand was born out of the desire to create unique fine jewelry that missing from every woman’s wardrobe.
Our mission is every woman to express herself through our jewelry. We strive to provide premium quality at reasonable prices.
 Our main inspiration is summer and nature. We love to create minimal yet bold pieces that can be combined with each other. We hope you love our jewelry as much as we do. Feel free to reach us even saying “hello”, expressing a desire of yours or something that you would like to see from us.